Date: 29th June 2016
High Speed Check Weigher
High Speed Check Weigher CWC-M220?FEATURES?1. Strong stainless steel structure; Water proof design IP652. High precision digital load cell,Website:, adopt high-speed digital filtering processing technology3. Automatic weighing compensation and zero tracking.4. Automatic belt speed adjustment according to different product choice5. Self ?learning function of product physical property6. 50 products preset; Easy to edit and recall (storage)7. Quickly product shift and speed recall.8. IPC touch screen; Friendly operation interface.?PURPOSE?? Applied to automatic online package weighing and sorting, to check unit product's weight whether meet target Object, and automatically reject sub-standard products.? Auto-Statistic function turn weighing, maintenance, operation, statistic to more easier.?Specifications?Model NO.:CWC-M220Weighing Capacity: ?????10-1200gAccuracy;+/-0.5gSpeedMax. speed 150bags/min.Waterproof:IP 65Belt Change System:Quick Belt Change SystemMachine Frame:Stainless Steel 304Weighing sensorDouble- beam load cell( HBM)Conveying:Food belt ( Belt width 220mm)Operational Language:English, Chinese, PolishControl Panel:Color LCD Touch ScreenMenuStandard/Over/Under weight, product name, belt speed etc pre-setting as one unit; Totally 50 unitsPower supply200-240V, 50HZ, single phaseProduct LimitL*W*H: 250*220*200mmMachine Size:L*W*H: 1420*680*1420mm, conveyor height 700-900mm, Can Be Done Based on Exact RequirementMachine WeightAround 120kg