Date: 29th June 2016
Double Head Needle Detector
?FEATURES?1. Double sensor,Website:, high accuracy detection.2. ABS-plastic shell, small type shape desings.3. LED display panel, smart counter, exact locating.?PURPOSE?Designed for high accuracy detection?SPECIFICATIONS?Model? NDC-AD(100)?Detection method? Magnetic induction?Detection sensitivity? 0.8mm steel to small scissorsDetection adjustment? 10stepDetection width? 600mmAlarm method? Buzzer?LampBelt speed? 32m/min(50HZ)?40m/min(60HZ)?Power source? AC200-240V 50-60HZ?Rated output? Appr140W?Dimension? 2300mm(L)*1650mm(W)*950mm(H)?Weight? Appr240KgThe specification is under standard test condition. The sensitivity depends on the?working condition. We have no responsibility that metal chips come out after detecting?under non-standard condition.