Date: 29th June 2016
Conveying Belt Metal Detector
Conveying Belt Metal Detector MDC-300/150?FEATURES?1.Based on high speed 32bit CPU control circuit2.LCD with touch screen operation,Website:, easy to operate3.Multi-functional OS and dual language4.DSP technology and digital signal filter5.100 products memory, 2000detection logs6.Buzzer, alarm light and belt stop when detect metals7.Automatic rejection module8.Multiple setup for peripheral connection9.Intelligent product study mode can fit for more types of product10.Printer connection and signal analyze software11.Separated DSP module and control unit12.Multi-functional stainless steel frame and adjustable height13.Match different production lines14.Automatic product learning/studying function?APPLICATION?Designed for detecting metals in food, pharmaceutical products, rubber, garment, plastic, beverage, chemical and any other industries to ensure product safety and protect your brand.?SPECIFICATIONS?Model: MDC-300/150mmAperture size 300mm width, 120mm heightSensitivity Fe?1.2mm, Non-Fe 1.2-2.0mm, SUS?2.0mm?without product effectBelt?Width 230mm, actual detection height 120mmDetection Method: Balanced CoilAlarm Method Buzzer and belt stopReject system( optional) Pusher, drop down, turning plate ( optional)Belt Speed 25-32m/min?Adjustable?Power: AC 220V 50HZRated Output Appr.90 WConveyor Length 1000mm ( if with automatic reject system, will be 1500mm)Weight Appr.190kgSERIES PRODUCTWidth*HeightSensitivity(300-600)mm*100mmFe?0.8mm SUS?1.5mm(300-600)mm*120mmFe?1.0mm SUS?2.0mm(300-600)mm*150mmFe?1.2mm SUS?2.5mm(300-600)mm*200mmFe?1.5mm SUS?2.5mm(300-600)mm*250mmFe?2.0mm SUS?3.0mm(300-600)mm*300mmFe?2.5mm SUS?3.5mmRemark:?Sensitivity of Non-Ferrous is between Fe and Sus.Above sensitivity are machine test without any product effect. Actual sensitivity will be different from detecting product effect, size, working environment and some other factors