Date: 29th June 2016
Automatic Weight Inspection Equipment
automatic weight inspection equipment CWC-300NS ??FEATURES?1.Strong stainless steel structure; Water proof design.2. High accurate load cell; Based on advanced DSP technology.3. Automatic weighing compensation and zero tracking.4. 100 products preset; Easy to edit and recall.?5. Quickly product shift and speed recall.6. 2000 sorting records; Printer output ready.?7. LCD with Touch screen; Friendly operation interface.?PURPOSE?Applied to automatic online package weighing and sorting.Auto-Statistic function turn weighing,Website:, maintenance, operation, statistic to more easier.?SPECIFICATIONS? ????Model???CWC-300NS???Measurement???Strain Guage???Rejection???Air Jet / Flapper / Pusher / Falling Drop (Option)???Operation???Touch Screen???Alarm???Buzzer & Lamp???Belt Width???300mm???Belt Speed???Max.65/min???Power???AC110V/220V 50-60HZ???Rated Output???Appr.200W???Dimension???1550mm(L)*641mm(W)*1360?35mm(H)???Weight???74kg + 50kg?FC-300NS CHART? ? ? ?Weight??Accuracy??Minimum ScaleMax. Speed10-999g?0.5g0.1g50bags/min1000-1999g?1.0g0.1g40bags/min2000-2999g?2.0g0.1g30bags/min