Date: 29th June 2016
Automatic Belt Conveying Needle Detector
Automatic Belt Conveying Needle Detector NDC-A?FEATURES?1. Cycled,Website:,9 pairs of sensor, excellent anti-disturbance performance.2. Based on LED bar displayed control panel.3. Hi accuracy detection locating technology, LED indication4. Level setup indication and real-time sensitivity display.5. Optional conveying mode after alarm.6. Optional automatically restart.7. Reliability mechanical frame design, high stability during detection.8.Designed for universal AC power supply, switch power supply?PURPOSE?It is mainly for detecting the broken needle/iron inside garment, shoes, sewing products and fabric products.?Also detect ferrous in pharmaceutical products, chemical products, rubber products, food, etc.?SPECIFICATIONS?Model ?NDC-A (100)?Detection method:Magnetic induction?Detection sensitivity:0.8mm steel to small scissorsDetection adjustment:10stepDetection width:650mmAlarm method:Buzzer?LampBelt speed:32m/min(50HZ)?40m/min(60HZ)?Power source:AC200-240V 50-60HZ?Rated output:Appr140W?Dimension 1650mm (L)*1050mm (W)*900mm (H)?Weight Appr220Kg?SERIES?heightDetection SensibilityRemark100mm0.8mm steel to small scissorsStandard type120mm1.0mm steel to small scissorsOption at Factory150mm1.2-1.5mm steel to small scissorsOption at Factory200mm1.5-2.0mm steel to small scissorsOption at FactoryThe specification is under standard test condition. The sensitivity depends on the?working condition. We have no responsibility that metal chips come out after detecting?under non-standard condition.